Research Experience for Teachers


The RET is a 6-week program that provides classroom teachers with the opportunity to participate in hands-on, project-based research in Biomedical Engineering and Technology development at Texas A&M University. Teachers also work with faculty, laboratory personnel and project staff to translate these experiences into authentic, research-inspired educational modules.


The summer research experience is organized to facilitate collaboration between the teachers and research faculty and staff in the development of research-inspired classroom modules. Participating teachers bring their knowledge of education standards, sequence of topics and successful pedagogical approaches, while research personnel bring an extensive knowledge of “real world” laboratory techniques and analytical skills. This collaborative development produces new, authentic, classroom-ready modules that meet the educational needs of the students and are designed with the consideration of practical classroom realities.

RET Applications open January 20, 2020 and close March 20, 2020.

Program Structure & Timeline

The week of July 4 is a holiday break. Selected teachers will be compensated $700/week (except for the week of the Summer Institute) for a total of $3500 for the program. RET participants are required to attend and participate in the K-12 Summer Institute (SI) professional development conference as part of their fellowship program.  See for more information.

Weeks 1-2

June 15-26
Onsite in Research Labs

Weeks 3-4

July 6-17

Curriculum Development continues
 at Home Schools

Week 5

July 20-24
Participation at
K-12 Summer Institute

Week 6

Fall Semester
Pilot testing 
in classrooms
and module revision